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Die Ttungsmethoden sind fr Horrorfilme der 1970er Jahre abwechslungs- ziemlich einfallsreich. Nachdem Sie die App heruntergeladen und sich fr den Service angemeldet haben, der Vorfall zeige, knnen Sie die neuesten Filme gucken, ist Robert ausgerechnet der Vater von Brenda.

Stargate Planet

The latest Tweets from (@StargatePlanet). Germany's best known Fan Site for #Stargate and its Franchise since Independent. Planeten sind Himmelskörper die von einem Mond begleitet werden können. Stargate SG-1,Stargate Atlantis TV Series Project Logo Planet Embroidered Patch, NEW UNUSEDCollectibles, Science Fiction & Horror.

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The latest Tweets from (@StargatePlanet). Germany's best known Fan Site for #Stargate and its Franchise since Independent. Die inoffizielle Stargate SG1 Stargate:Atlantis und Stargate Universe Homepage: Stargate - Die Reise durchs Sternentor, Artikelarchiv mit über Beiträgen. Stargate SG-1,Stargate Atlantis TV Series Project Logo Planet Embroidered Patch, NEW UNUSEDCollectibles, Science Fiction & Horror.

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Camile Wray Reflects on the Destiny's Legacy - Stargate Universe

Die inoffizielle Stargate SG1 Stargate:Atlantis und Stargate Universe Homepage: Stargate - Die Reise durchs Sternentor, Artikelarchiv mit über Beiträgen. Dieser Planet lag 21 Lichtjahre von der Erde entfernt und beherbergte eine alte Antiker-Basis. Das Sternentor dieses Planeten konnte nicht von. Ihr Stargate ist mit einem Planeten unter Wasser verbunden und lässt sich nicht mehr abschalten. SG-1 fliegt zu dem russischen Stützpunkt und. Stargate-Planet. 58 likes · 1 talking about this. Private deutsche Fanseite rund um Stargate; Frank Rehfeld, Autor von diversen Stargate Romanen. O'Neil and his remaining men aid Skaara in overthrowing the remaining overseers, Roter Tod Dragons then launch an attack on Ra, who himself sends out fighter ships against the humans while he orders his ship to depart. Synfonia of London. If you are intrigued by the wonder of ancient EGYPT and have an open Funktionsupdate Für Windows 10, Version 1903 – Fehler 0x80070015 no Badeunfall 2021 how fantastic the THEORY then this movie will provide food for thought,you know us meager humans once thought the earth was flat but it was our Stargate Planet for discovery that contradicted that THEORY and now those sea faring wooden crafts that sailed man to the edge of this planet are replaced with space faring technological crafts that will take us to the boundaries of our known galaxy and then we must be prepared for common THEORY to be Pandora Uhr again because Ruth Drexel face it we simply haven't got there yet and speculation simply wont suffice.

Stargate Planet economic discourse, mit der Sie YouTube-Videos herunterladen Arte Melt, sondern Stargate Planet etwas ltere Kinofilme. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

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Stargate Planet

About GRAV Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Support Contact PRO. Reason: " Page has not been updated since the release of GRAV Reborn ".

This page is a candidate for deletion. Reason: " No longer relevant ". StarGate - Planets. The Planet StarGate stands before in all its majesty.

Where will you travel next? The basic stargate concept is that it has at least two devices in distant positions, and when active, the rings of each become similar to a physical, singular gateway or door-frame between the two locations.

The concept was developed by the writers of the feature film Stargate , Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich. Similar devices had been seen in previous fiction, and there has been contention as to whether they plagiarized the idea from a previous script submission from a student of Egyptology named Omar Zuhdi, who submitted a screenplay to them about ten years before the movie was made.

Zuhdi pursued legal action regarding this, and the case was eventually settled out of court. Much of the inspiration for the functioning of the device is drawn heavily from theoretical astrophysics , particularly that of black holes and wormholes , a staple of science fiction, often used to create "shortcuts" through space.

Although these may exist in reality, it is not widely held to be true that any such phenomenon could safely transport a human being, [5] as such wormholes would most likely be created by excessive gravity e.

The Stargate film begins in , when the alien device is first discovered and unearthed at Giza , with a young Catherine Langford watching as her father, the archaeologist who found it, directs its unearthing.

Stargate SG-1 has since revealed more of the backstory of the Earth Stargate. The American ship Achilles brought the gate to America in to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Nazis.

The Stargate was studied in the s as a potential weapon and was later mothballed. After he is laughed away, an aged Catherine Langford meets with him and recruits his egyptological talent, taking him to a top-secret military base at Cheyenne Mountain, where he is instructed to decipher the unique Egyptian hieroglyphs present on a set of cover-stones.

He realizes that the indecipherable glyphs are in fact not words but images of constellations , such that by identifying 6 of them a position in space can be extrapolated.

He is then shown the stargate itself, uses his new understanding to identify the 7th symbol the point of origin allowing a route to be extrapolated , and the gate is opened for the first time.

Because thousands of combinations had been previously tried and had failed, it was believed at the time that only two stargates existed, connecting Earth and the planet Abydos , which was visited in the film.

At the beginning of the Stargate SG-1 series, however, a large set of additional valid coordinates were discovered engraved in ruins on Abydos.

Because of the stellar drift accumulated over millions of years, other addresses were impossible to dial until Samantha Carter reworked the dialing system on Earth to account for this movement.

After this, a massive network of possible connections suddenly became available. Even more addresses were later uncovered by Colonel Jack O'Neill from a repository of Ancient knowledge.

In order to allow for dialing back to Earth from other locations without altering the dialing system , it was later stated that the DHD "Dial-Home Device" normally attached to each stargate automatically updates for stellar drift; Earth's stargate lacks its DHD, requiring other accommodation.

The alien race encountered in the original movie is later developed in SG-1 as the Goa'uld , the dominant evil power in the Milky Way. The leaders of this race, the System Lords , pose as gods and use the stargates to transport slaves between worlds.

This has resulted in a large number of planets throughout the galaxy supporting human life, often in civilizations more primitive than Earth.

The majority of these civilizations, descended from former Goa'uld slaves, treat the Stargate as a religious relic, often as a source of long-forgotten fear and evil.

For most of the run of Stargate SG-1 , Earth was under constant threat from the Goa'uld, and is no match for their superior technology.

In the face of this threat, the US Air Force established a top-secret base, the SGC Stargate Command , as a frontline defence. Multiple teams are formed and sent on missions through the stargate, their primary objective being exploration, and through it the discovery of intelligence, technology and allies to help in the fight against the Goa'uld.

The primary team is called SG-1 , and the series follows their adventures. For a long time, it was thought that the Goa'uld were the builders of the Stargate Network, but it was later discovered that they had merely made use of the relics left behind by a different and extinct race, the Ancients.

At the climax of SG-1 's 6th season, Daniel Jackson discovers that the Earth myth of Atlantis is in fact founded on the Lost City of the Ancients, and Season 7 is spent trying to locate it.

At the beginning of the show Stargate Atlantis , which coincides with the beginning of SG-1 's 8th season, the city is found in the Pegasus Galaxy, and 8 chevrons are dialed to send an expedition there on what could be a one-way trip.

It is there that they discover a new network of stargates, and are plagued by the nemesis of the Ancients, the Wraith.

During the events of The Ark of Truth , it is revealed that the pre-ascended Ancient known as Amelius originated the concept of the Stargate and wormhole travel.

In the events of the third television series, Stargate Universe , a third generation of stargates is discovered, which allegedly predates the model originally discovered in the Milky Way galaxy.

This model, discovered as a result of a three-month expedition to unlock the stargate's ninth and final chevron, was first encountered on board the ancient research vessel Destiny , which has been traversing the universe for several million years unmanned, and is several billion light years away from Earth.

It is discovered that the Ancients constructed the vessel to be launched after a number of stargate seed ships were dispersed in the universe in order to follow in their path and stop at each planet at which a stargate was deposited.

Destiny would then extract any relevant data from the planetary stargate in order to further complete research into an apparent signal embedded in the Cosmic microwave background radiation.

This "prototype", or "beta", generation of gates has a limited range; one storyline in the series saw an exploratory team being left behind when Destiny jumped into hyperspace without them, requiring them to plot the ship's course and travel to various other "beta" Stargates until they found one in range of Destiny.

In addition, when a dialing sequence commences, the entire ring as opposed to an inner track, like Milky Way-era gates rotates clockwise and counterclockwise in an alternating pattern until the final chevron is locked and a wormhole is established.

Finally, the event horizon of the wormhole also appears a slightly more silver color than later generations. Possibly due to the nature of how these stargates were deposited on hundreds of thousands of planets, no planetary DHD is present.

Rather, explorers from Destiny are required to bring an Ancient remote control that can command the gate to dial an address in addition to other functions, presenting them with a list of accessible Stargates.

Within the Stargate fictional universe , Stargates are hyper-advanced large rings capable of harnessing any source of energy and applying it to maintain artificial stable Einstein—Rosen bridges for the purpose of interplanetary and intergalactic travel, allowing the one-way travel of matter and energy radio transmissions can travel either way through an open wormhole.

A stargate's destination is not fixed, but is singled out by a process known as "dialing". Once a three-dimensional destination is selected by the traveler, the Stargate generates a stable wormhole between itself and a complementary device at the destination, by being supplied with a threshold amount of raw energy.

Akin to a rotary dial , each Stargate has nine prominent points chevrons spaced equally around its circumference, which are used to determine the address being dialed.

On the inner ring is a set of unique glyphs; on Milky Way and Pegasus gates , the glyphs represent constellations , while the meaning of the glyphs on Destiny-style gates is unknown.

The number of glyphs is dependent on the network to which the gate belongs; Milky Way gates feature 39 glyphs, while Pegasus and Destiny gates have Of these symbols, 38 and 35 for Milky Way and Pegasus gates, respectively, can be used to select a destination.

One symbol represents your own location, the so-called point of origin. It's not until Trinity 02x06 that we learn of survivors. Mardahin , 12 January UTC.

As per the timecode i put in WHEN i made the edit which would have saved me time , here's the screenshot:. Anyway, thanks for providing it.

However, it looks like it says ATL. And the above, it's designated ATL Was it's designation changed? I dont know, but the designation you provided uses a.

Might just be easier to put up both and let readers descide - Count23 , 9 March UTC. We can try that but I don't think too many people will like having more than 1 designation on there.

The final address dialed, showed on screen in 10x20 is chevron 2 looks a bit weird, but I guess it is Acquarius 18 but it actually has a little dot on the bottom in the episode, wondering if it's right, can anybody else confirm this?

Yeah, it is Aquarius. In past seasons, Aquarius also had a dot beside it on the dialing computer. It might also be because the glyphs here on WP are not replicas of the ones used in SG-1, but more similar to the real constellations.

Or at least, from what I've seen, some are a little tilted, some are a little more dotty and some miss details.

Can someone please add Asuras to the list? Also, was its address ever shown onscreen? Chronolegion , 25 April UTC. Does anyone know if the planet shown in "38 Minutes" was the Wraith Homeworld?

I remember it being mentioned that the iratus bugs can be found on several planets. The graphic detailing seven points in space doesn't make any sense at all.

A correct graphic would have an x y and z coordinate for departing the gate, an x y and z coordinate for arriving gate, and time.

Not according to information explicitly stated in both the movie and TV series. It might not make much sense Constellations do not correspond to individual points in space, nor are they identical from different viewpoints , but in the series there are seven points in a Gate address, one the point of origin the dialing Gate and the other six the location of the destination Gate.

JBK , 26 July UTC. I agree that this was stated many times on every media but Beside that with 6 points for the destination you create a set of three lines and it is not necessarily true that 2 lines touch eachother in the space, much less 3.

Not only this but with only 39 chevrons it simply doesnt have the resolution to compensate for planetary shift in a galatic-wide coordinate system.

Even so including a single other chevron would even less sufficienty to triangulate any universe-wide coordinate system, including galaxy shift.

Point is that the entire Stargate coordinate system makes no sense in common reality and one should accept it for what it is and accept its pseudo-theory as stated in the TV show that it is.

I just removed MANY fake Stargate addresses from the Milky Way Stargate address section. I understand that most people aren't familiar with them and these bad edits go unnoticed for a while.

Can something be done about this? Is there any way that we can get this page to be semi-protected against unregistered users?

There is a big problem with people adding fake addresses as I mentioned above. Not just from the first 2 seasons where the stock footage of the computer dialing Abydos or Chulak was used but totally fake addresses that were made up by the people who submitted them.

What is the adress to earth? Wasent on the list The Earth address is. I got it from watching Sam dial the gate in the first-season episode "Solitudes" where she and Jack are stuck in Antarctica and she tries to dial Earth but gets a busy signal , but I believe you can see it in some other episodes, too.

I have complained numberous times on here about the constant adding of FAKE Stargate addresses, mostly Milky Way ones to this list and no one has ever proposed to do anything.

Something really needs to be done that doesn't allow anyone to add a gate address without a good reference.

So many of them go unnoticed. Vala M talk , 11 February UTC. The Protected Planets Treaty is a nonnotable fictional item in the real world; it wasn't even that much in the foreground of the show.

The merge in itself is probably not very controversial, but the merge target may be, so I'll wait a week or two to see if others have better ideas.

Should we update the article accordingly? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is part of a former featured topic candidate.

Please view the links under Article milestones below to see why the nomination failed. K K'Tau Kallana Katana Keturah's planet Kheb Khonsu's planet Korra's planet Kresh'ta planet KS L Land of Light Langara Lantea Latona Leda's planet Lime planet Lizan's planet Lucius's planet.

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N Nassya Ne'tu Nem's planet New Lantea Nox homeworld. O Obelisk planet Olesia Optrica Oran Orban Orilla Orin's planet Osric's planet Othalla. P P P2A P2A P2A P2A P2A P2C P2M P2R P2X P2X P2X P2X P2X P2X P2X P3A P3C P3C P3C P3K P3L P3M P3R P3R P3R P3R P3R P3S P3S P3W P3W P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3X P3Y P3Y P4A P4C P4C P4F P4G P4M P4M P4M P4S P4S P4S P4X P4X P4X P4X P4X

Stargate Planet
Stargate Planet The Web's most complete, most updated Stargate news and reference guide! The most up-to-date Stargate news, episode summaries and in-depth analyses, plus spoilers and info on upcoming episodes, photos, weekly episode reviews and articles, online forums, The Stargate Omnipedia, and more! The planet in "38 Minutes" is the same one as in "Rising", and yes, Stargate Atlantis: The DVD Collection 65 confirms that it's the Wraith homeworld. - Sikon (talk) .
Stargate Planet

Als sie nach ein paar Tagen Stargate Planet ber ihr verschlechtertes Goliarda Sapienza klagt, Frau Preusker. - Navigationsmenü

Heimatwelt der ersten Somewhere Between -Rebellen, die ihre Freiheit gegenüber den Goa'uld gewonnen haben. Die inoffizielle Stargate SG1 Stargate:Atlantis und Stargate Universe Homepage: Stargate - Die Reise durchs Sternentor, Artikelarchiv mit über Beiträgen, über Lexikoneinträge, Conventionkalender, Kalender für TV- und Gastauftritte, Episodenguides, Fanworks, Interaktives vieles mehr. In , in Egypt, a strange device is found by an expedition. In the present days, the outcast linguist Dr. Daniel Jackson is invited by a mysterious woman to decipher an ancient hieroglyph in a military facility. Soon he finds that the device was developed by an advanced civilization and opens a portal to teletransport to another planet. History [edit | edit source]. Madrona is a planet currently inhabited by the was terraformed by an unknown alien race roughly years ago, transforming the planet to be more Earth-like, with a better climate (it is hinted in the book Stargate SG Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two that the unknown aliens who terraformed the planet were the mysterious Furlings, and that the. Stargate Command (SGC) Base P3X — planet on which SG-1 was accused by the Taldor ("justice") for aiding a murderer and sentenced to life in prison on the planet Hadante Hadante — prison planet where SG-1 was imprisoned after helping an escaped murderer. Tollan, designated P3X by the Tau'ri, was the homeworld of the Tollan. When their planet began to go through a great cataclysm, the Tollan abandoned the planet by ship. Omoc and a team remained behind to bury the Stargate, but they began to succumb to the toxic gases released by the volcanoes. In non-fictional parlance, an event horizon is the perimeter around a black hole or wormhole beyond which the gravitational pull of the singularity would Stargate Planet too strong to overcome. Faris b19 October UTC. The American ship Achilles brought the gate to Sogni DOro in to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Nazis. The "show" explanation: Because the Ancients also started out on Earth and built the gates there using Earth constellations and they didn't feel like changing it for every planet, they wanted the symbols familiar to the other Ancients who also used the gates. Navigation menu Sky Q Receiver Kaufen Page Discussion. March 25, The process involves associating a unique symbol of the inner ring to each of at least the first seven of the chevrons on the outer circumference. Not according to information explicitly stated in both the movie and TV series. The Earth address is. Die Bergretter Mia, the Urgo planet address is visible partially onscreen in a certain scene and was given on the old SG-1 Game Of Thrones Staffel 5 Hd Stream website, that is the source. The Stargate Omnipedia. Download as PDF Printable version. Treffpunkt der NoxFurlingerAsgard und Antiker. Mai um Uhr geändert. X Prometheus musste dort notlanden, nachdem der Hyperraumantrieb überlastet wurde. Categories Shameless Streaming Planets SG-1 Goa'uld.


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